All roads lead to… Stratford-upon-Avon?

When in Rome…

Robert Harris' Cicero Trilogy
Robert Harris’ Cicero Trilogy

Last year I spent a few days workshopping Mike Poulton’s new adaptation of Robert Harris’ Cicero trilogy. Looks like I didn’t do too awful a job as I’ll be joining the acting company for Imperium Parts 1&2 this winter.

I’ll be playing (along with a whole host of spear carriers I am sure… I mean it is set in Rome) Cato in part 1 and Hirtius in part 2. I know a few other great actors are also in the company, but as its not all been officially announced I won’t mention them until it is, but it’ll be a treat.

The productions will be directed by Artistic Director Greg Doran who I had the pleasure of being directed by my first time at the RSC in Cardenio.

So it’s off to Stratford we go, rehearsals in London and then a 4th Stratford season for my 9th and 10th RSC productions (or as it’s Part’s 1 &2 should that be 9 and a half?).

I’ll post again once we have started rehearsals in September, but in the mean time if you haven’t read Robert Harris’ wonderful books, well… do, they’re great!

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