Friends, Romans, Londoners, lend me your ears.

Imperium is coming to London.

Michael Grady-Hall as Cato in Imperium Part I. photo by Ikin Yum
Imperium Part I (2017) photo by Ikin Yum

If you missed the RSC’s epic 6 play-over two night-epic adaptation of Robert Harris fantastic Cicero trilogy don’t fall on your sword or take an Asp to the breast, the production is transferring to the Gielgud Theatre this July.

The Imperium Company 2017 photo by Ikin Yum
The 2017 Imperium Company. photo by Ikin Yum

After a fantastic response in Stratford-upon-Avon (some reviews can be seen here) we will be lucky enough to bring the two evenings to London.

I’m so pleased that such a lovely bunch get to keep on playing together. It’ll be a blast to muck around with most of them again. Not everyone is transferring with the production, some are on to exciting pastures new, but of course we look forward to welcoming some more Senators and Plebeians for this new adventure (I’m particularly excited that I get to work with my old Oppenheimer mate Andrew Langtree again).

You can find out more about the transfer here, it looks like old smelly Cato will live again. Hope to see you there.


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