Off on our Adventures.

Three’s Company’s Adventure Department is nearly open for business.

Three's Company recording
Three’s Company recording

We had a busy but brilliant three days recording the first season of our new comedy podcast.

Thanks to a stellar line up of mates Danny Miller, Siobhan Harrison, Jade Croot, Mariam Bell, Ashlea Kaye, Paul Dodds, Greg Snowden, Joanna Bending… my mum… (and more to come, we’ve some exciting gaps to fill), we are finally on our way to releasing the first series of Three’s Company’s Adventure Department.

The story goes something like…

Yaz, Tom and Michael are trying to record a podcast about the trials and tribulations of running a small theatre company but thanks to their Adventure Department they keep getting interrupted and going on Adventures… a different genre each episode. Can they defeat the Wicked Witch, will our hero’s save the galaxy and find the missing alien inventor Skoda, how will they solve the murder of Lord Barrington-Smyth, is it possible for a small time theatre company to bring down a criminal mastermind in a city riddled with crime and what the bloody hell are they going to do about all those zombies?!

Find out… when we’ve finished editing!

Three's Company recording
Three’s Company recording

The name changes but the gags stay the same.

Adventure Department has been a long gestating, evolving Three’s Company project. It started as the internal radio play of an interactive scratch night at a Tristan Bates Theatre – Midnight Matinee gig, called A Live Transmission of Adventure Time (it’s been to Edinburgh, Buxton and back to the Tristan Bates a few times) and has finally found its place as a podcast 10 years later.

So if the jokes don’t work now, they really ain’t going to.

Thanks so much to everyone involved in the recent recordings but also a big thanks to all those involved along the way Mariam, Rachel, Jo, Lauren, Kyle, Meriel, Celia, Bryony, Anna, Fran and many more… sorry for getting you all up on stage at some point!

Once the series is ready I’ll post the link up here. Get you’re Adventure gear on, it’s nearly time.

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