One Last Adventure

That’s all folks… for now

Dead Serious by Haz Al-Shaater
Dead Serious by Haz Al-Shaater

The final episode of the series is now available. You can listen to Night of the Mortally Challenged here. I can’t quite believe we made it, or that we made it.

A huge thanks to everyone involved along the way, everyone is listed below, but mostly Tom and I have to send our biggest thanks to Yaz for piecing together the very rough and ready, cobbled together, time and location variable material recorded over the last year and a bit and making in to something that one might call, Three’s Company’s ADVENTURE DEPARTMENT.

And now on to this big thank you list… Here goes… Thank you Haz Al-Shaater, Rosina Al-Shaater, Mariam Bell, Joanna Bending, Claire Birch, Alice de Cent, Jade Croot, Lucy Dearden, Les Dennis, Paul Dodds, Jeremy Dunn, Alan Fielden, Tom Griffiths, Siubhan Harrison, Leah Harvey, Rufus Hound, Rosie Jones, Ashlea Kaye, Youssef Kerkour, Daniel Millar, Hamish Nicholls, James Percival, Greg Snowden, Adrian Townsend, Caroline Quentin, Studios, the RSC and all three of Three’s Company’s Mums.

Right… Better get writing Series 2.

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