Rome wasn’t built in a day…

…Turns out it takes just over a year.

Michael Grady-Hall and the company of Imperium photo by Manuel Harlan

After 1 year and one week (with a 2 and a bit month break in the middle) work has now been completed on the RSC’s Imperium.

Beginning rehearsals 4th September last year, through our Stratford run, the production has now closed at the Gielgud Theatre in London.

I’ll miss Cato’s stinky toga and Hirtius’ snazzy pink number but (as the Roman’s did back in the day) it is time to say goodbye to the Republic.

Thanks to a great team and a workhorse like effort from the ensemble we performed 96 Part One’s and 90 Part Two’s over the two iterations of the show.

The Imperium Company 2017 photo by Ikin Yum
The Imperium Company 2017 photo by Ikin Yum

Congratulations everyone, farewell Rome, we came, they saw, we didn’t do half bad, or something like that.

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