A short film by Mariam Bell

My brilliant wife now has her official first film credit as a writer. 

This week Brother Brother put together a crack team of pros to attempt to shoot a one-shot short written by Mariam. 

Ashlea Kaye as Ruth
Ashlea Kaye as Ruth

We maybe shot 8/9 completed takes (a myriad of halted ones in between). Haz Al-Shaater as DOP/Operator really had a work out. Then as the light changed (ffs), with our time ticking out, Haz, Ash and I having our actor/actor/camera ballet down – everything fell into place for the final attempt, bar some mop mishaps and one actor having a strop (naming no names Michael Grady-Hall) and we got it…

Ruth set - the light, before it disappeared
Ruth set – the light, before it disappeared

A one-shot is a challenge but an amazing one. We didn’t know when Mariam was writing the film or when we all said we’d try and make it happen a year and a bit ago how ‘so-cool-right-now’ one shots would be (looking at you 1917) but they do have an honesty all of there own and it makes for a really beautiful film. 

Yaz and Haz Al-Shaater now have “3 or 4 versions to choose from” and it’s just “deciding what we are happiest about sacrificing”. 

The experience of working with Yaz on film and getting to act with Ashlea Kaye for the first time (we’ve known each other for 10 years) was so fantastic and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve seen a couple of takes and I just hope Mariam is proud of her brilliant little film.

Michael Grady-Hall on set of Ruth
Michael Grady-Hall on set of Ruth – looking grumpier than I was

Now looking forward to sharing the finished version.

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