Sitting on the other side of the table.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Auditioning… I really shouldn’t write a blog.

Michael Grady-Hall back at RADA
Michael Grady-Hall back at RADA

13 years ago I went to London for my 2nd round RADA audition. I remember it so clearly, I remember exactly what I wore (the same thing I wore to all my auditions like some weird audition uniform), I remember all the panel (yes all of you), I remember getting a laugh (a laugh!) in my modern speech, I remember singing my song and thinking, “thank fuck, you remembered the words!”… but most of all I remember how terrifying and important it all was.

Yesterday I sat on the 2nd round audition panel for RADA. It was a surreal and humbling and prideful experience, thank you for entrusting me with such a hugely important task. And huge, HUGE congratulations to the young actors who auditioned, just to get through the door of the room and not fall over is an immense achievement, really lovely work from everyone.

I look forward to my next chance to sit on the panel and hope that soon I’ll have more news to tell on some other work with RADA.

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