So long Venice…

…Oh, hi Venice!

‘We part this hour forever’ Jaffier – Venice Preserved

Stephen Fewell, Jodie McNee and Michael Grady-Hall
Stephen Fewell, Jodie McNee and Michael Grady-Hall

We came to the end of our run of Venice Preserved on Sept 7th. I couldn’t have hoped for a finer bunch to share the experience with. And I have to say a particular thank you to the wonders that are Jodie McNee and Stephen Fewell, there aren’t two better people to share all the emotional turmoil of Otway’s mad sad love story with. Thank god for all the laughs we managed to have.

Working on this play has been (and I’m sure will remain) one of the most rewarding challenges of my time as an actor. Thanks Prasanna for taking the gamble and sticking a jumped up spear carrier in the first team (metaphors mixed successfully). 

  • Michael Grady-Hall in Venice Preserved photo by Helen Maybanks
    Michael Grady-Hall in Venice Preserved photo by Helen Maybanks

And thank you Stratford-upon-Avon for being a brilliant place for our little Carys to have her first summer in.

A Slovenian Adventure

Having thought I was saying goodbye to Venice completely imagine my surprise at actually finding myself in the real place a few weeks later.
You never get adverts right, it’s a cattle market and there’s really no point in going… turns out.
I’ve just come back from a few days in Slovenia to film an advert for Verivox. But due to some complications at the airport in Ljubljana we had to fly to Venice and get picked up.
You can see the closest I got to the real thing. It looks preserved though, which is good.

7 Actors, 6 short ads to film (I play, Man in Bath in one of them) so it meant quite a bit of down time. So my experience has been wonderful. Lake Bled is beautiful and Ljubljana is a great city to spend a couple of days in. All in all, get that advert you know you’ll never get.


And here I am, in a Bath. Verivox?

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