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The Case Continues

Adventure Department Episode 4 is available now.

Pitch Noir. Art by Yaz Al-Shaater
Pitch Noir. Art by Yaz Al-Shaater

The penultimate episode of our first series is available here or wherever you get your podcasts from.

After a catastrophic failure last episode, Three’s Company attempt to right the wrongs in this Film Noir episode, guest starring Youssef Kerkour.

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New Adventures in lockdown

These strange times call for a little silliness

Three's Company's Adventure Department
Three’s Company’s Adventure Department

It’s been a long time since I posted on here, partly that’s being a new dad and partly it’s COVID and all its evils… But mostly it’s being rubbish at it. I’ve only just (I say just, two months ago) made it on to Twitter and that feels like an alien world that I’m struggling to navigate.

However, I am over the moon to be able to say that Three’s Company’s Adventure Department is finally (finally finally) here! Listen here or in whichever podcast app you use…

…It is very very silly.

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Off on our Adventures.

Three’s Company’s Adventure Department is nearly open for business.

Three's Company recording
Three’s Company recording

We had a busy but brilliant three days recording the first season of our new comedy podcast.

Thanks to a stellar line up of mates Danny Miller, Siobhan Harrison, Jade Croot, Mariam Bell, Ashlea Kaye, Paul Dodds, Greg Snowden, Joanna Bending… my mum… (and more to come, we’ve some exciting gaps to fill), we are finally on our way to releasing the first series of Three’s Company’s Adventure Department.

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