Venice Preserved for a couple of weeks…

Once opened use before Sept 7th.

Venice Preserved
Venice Preserved

So that’s it. We’ve finished our London based rehearsals. Two runs of the show in the room last week, and now most of the company head to Stratford to open Provoked Wife whilst some of us get a break of two and a bit weeks. The company’s Venice Preserves must hold out till mid May.

It’s shaping up to be a bit of an emotionally traumatic one this. When choices made for love go disastrously wrong… would be a crap strap line.

I’m so excited to be part of the journey of this production, it’s been one of the best times of my 10 years as a professional actor. Who knows how it’s going to go down in Stratford, it’s impossible to tell sometimes from the inside, but the company’s work is just brilliant and the mix of Prasanna and Otway’s worlds are so full and dark and sad.

Come see it. You can get tickets and find out more here. Oh and if you’re interested…

Jodie does the lines better.

If it weren’t so clear that Jodie McNee is (with the added bonus that she doesn’t know or think she is) the best actor in the room, it’d be a little upsetting to hear your lines spoken so much better in the trailer to the show you’re both in.

But, here’s the trailer for the production.

One thought on “Venice Preserved for a couple of weeks…”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I went to see Venice Preserved last night at The Swan having come from London especially (everything I’ve seen here has totally been worth the journey). You were brilliant and I was very moved by your acting and the chemistry you had with Pierre and Belvidera. I wish you luck with your next project and thank you for blowing me away! I’d never heard of Thomas Otway and can’t believe the impact he made. Thank you!


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