When in Clapham, do as the Romans do.

Rehearsals have begun.

Richard McCabe and the Imperium Company in rehearsal. photo by Ikin Yum
Richard McCabe in rehearsal. photo by Ikin Yum

I’ve read the books*, I’ve read the script, we are on our way!

We’re a few weeks into rehearsals in Clapham for the RSC’s Imperium and it’s a beast. 6 one-act plays over two evenings and 10 weeks to rehearse them. We are on a mission.

Michael Grady-Hall and Lily Nichol in Rehearsal for Imperium 2017. photo by Ikin Yum
Michael Grady-Hall and Lily Nichol in Imperium Rehearsals. photo by Ikin Yum

Richard (Bill we call him, ‘cause it’s his name) McCabe as Cicero has what Greg and Mike say is ‘the biggest part in the English theatre’, that’s a lot to learn and he’s setting the tempo for us all and is off book for half of the part… but it’s David Nicole who will be the unsung Champion of the project, he’s playing Crassus (the richest man in Rome) and Pansa (my co-consul elect), not unhealthy sized parts in themselves, but is also covering Cicero, if Bill’s got a job on his hands then David’s got double!

It’s a blast working with some brilliant company members, and great to be working on something so huge. If you haven’t yet, get your nose stuck into Robert Harris’ trilogy, they are remarkable.

Good luck David, good luck Romans, see you in Stratford.

You can learn more via the RSC website.

*In Imperium Part 1 I am playing Cato, this is his first despcription…

Imperium by Robert Harris, pg 60. “He was an ugly, raw faced youth with a brutal, grating voice.” Greg says I am perfect casting… cheers Greg!

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